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2015 SEM PowerPoint

(Please be patient--this slideshow takes around 2 and 1/2 minutes to download)  

2015 Photographs-Soundside

2012 Photographs (This link navigates away from the SEM website)

2011 Photographs (This link navigates away from the SEM website)


2014 SEM

Atlanta Track Club

The Atlanta Track Club had excellent team results at the 2014 SEM meet: Women #1, Men #3.

PV Officials

2014 Pole Vault Officiating Crew: Bottom--left to right: Philip Austin, Gail Barna, Patricia Frye, Roger Burbage (Head Official). Top: Kevin Troy, Bob Medley, Gerry Sasser, Bill Page, Rollin Stanton.

2012 SEM

Above: Left--Crista Bortignon (sets 5 Canadian records); Center--Eric Brashwitz; Right--Linda Lowry (Atlanta Track Club)

Below: Audrey Lary (Triple Jump)


2011 SEM



Above: Zola Budd Peiterse (5K two time world record holder) and photos from the steeplechase.

Below: Mack and Doc


Below: Track officials with Ralph Maxwell (lime green shirt #293) who sets the American record in the Pole Vault and M90 World Record in the Pentathlon.






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