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Raleigh, North Carolina is the home of the Southeastern United States Masters (SEM)--a non-profit organization composed of volunteers from all walks of life. Our main goal is to provide the very best in track and field competition for men and women. Founded in 1971, the organization conducts the oldest continuous masters meet in the United States for athletes age thirty and older. The event draws athletes from throughout the world for what many claim to be unequaled masters competition.

Just as the meet itself has become a part of Raleigh, so has Raleigh become a part of the meet. The SEM is supported by Raleigh's Department of Parks and Recreation, St. Augustine University, N.C. State University, and many other individuals and organizations. The meet has been able to provide outstanding competition and camaraderie. With more track and field events than even the Olympic games and in excess of ten age divisions, the task of maintaining the highest standards is a challenge.

The original concept of cordial competition has continued although the meet has undergone modification in order to better serve the athletes. We constantly seek new ideas and new people so that we will continue to improve. We are athletes, officials, trustees, and an executive committee; all sharing a mutual concern to continue to provide the very best in Masters Track and Field. Our success has been based upon the support that we have received year after year. There are many different areas in which you, your organization, and others can be involved. Please join with us so that we can continue to progress together.



Southeastern U.S. Masters Track and Field, Inc.

P.O. Box 9988

Chapel Hill, NC 27515-9988


The UNC TV Weekend Now footage on the Southeastern U.S. Masters runs from around 10:30 on the timeline through 14:20 on the video below:



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