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2015 Southeastern U.S. Masters Official's Application (Excel)

Please use the Microsoft Excel application form if at all possible as it helps to automate much of our application processing time.

2015 Southeastern U.S. Masters Official's Application (pdf)

Use the Adobe pdf as a means of relaying your official's application information only if you do not have access to Microsoft Excel.


Please email your application to:

SEM Official's Coordinator


Officials' Meet Tools


(Phones on silent, please do not use phones while on the field of play)

Electronic Device Measurements


Combined Events

Combined Events Vertical Height Progressions

Pole Vault

Pole Vault Preparations

Pole Vault Rules

Pole Vault Rules and Instructions To Athletes

Conversion Charts

Metric to Imperial Conversion Chart 1/4 inch to 8'2" (use with High Jump also)

Metric to Imperial Conversion Chart 7'to 20'1 1/4"

Combined Events PV Progression    


High Jump

High Jump Setup Assignments

High Jump Flight Assignments

High Jump Apparatus

Combined Events High Jump Progression

USATF Masters High Jump Instructions

High Jump Rules and Briefing To Athletes

Long Jump

USATF Masters Long Jump Instructions

Triple Jump

USATF Masters Triple Jump Instructions



Officiating Throws By USAT&F

Throws Implement Specifications

Throws Rules Competition


NCAA Discus Instructions


NCAA Hammer Instructions


NCAA Javelin Instructions

Shot Put

NCAA Shot Put Instructions


Official's Signs





Check Number





Running Events

Clerk Of The Course Rules

Lap Scorer Sheet 3K

Lap Scorer Sheet 5K

Lap Scorer Sheet 10K

  Track 400 Meter With Starting Lines


SEM Umpire's Book

(takes several minutes to download)

Race Walking

Disqualification Cards

Judges Tally Sheets

Large Track Race Red Card Quick Summary

Track Race Summary Sheet

Judges Paddles


Wind Lap Counters  


Officials/Track Resume Template .xls

(Special thanks to all officials who have compiled these tools--especially Joe Shufelt for his numerous contributions)

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